Good Friends Pictures is a Spanish Independent Production Company, focus in “Arthouse” films, with two feature films produced in Spain, the first of them is: «Backseat Fighter”, an action, thriller, arthouse film, produced in 2016, winner of the “International Action Film Festival in 2018”, distributed theatrically in Spain with Yelmo Cines and internationally in LATAM and in the market of USA. The principal cast of Backseat Fighter is: Iván Sánchez (Bosé, Isaac), Martina García (Homeland, Narcos) Elia Galera (El Cid, La Mujer más fea del Mundo) and Franky Martín (Si yo Fuera Rico, Entrevías). Also the film has been viewed in platforms in the countries that has premiered, Korea, USA and other.

The second feature film, produced in 2022 (in post-production) is “Nueva Tierra” (New Earth) a thriller, fantasy, arthouse film, produced in Galicia – Spain with a futuristic vision of what the world would be one hundred years from now. The principal cast of the film is: Imanol Arias, Iván Sánchez, Juan José Ballesta & Andrea Duro. The production is a renovate vision of human race in a wild state of being.

Good Friends Pictures tries each time to developed stories that talks about the human nature, theme that they continue to focus on their next production (in search of co-production and financing) “El Olvido» (The Oblivion) a psychological thriller that talks about madness, with only three principal characters. A character driven story that puts us in the mind of a normal person, that begins to be affected by madness, produced by a post traumatic shock.

The mix of the heads of Good Friends Pictures : Mario Pagano & Iván Sánchez and the curiosity to connect with stories that can travel worldwide, makes Good Friends Pictures a house where stories always has a place to developed in an imaginary, where everything can happens.